GAP Housing

Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga prides itself on making homeownership accessible and affordable for all.

GAP housing aims to make homeownership accessible to families and individuals making a moderate income that doesn’t support owning a home in today’s market. They don’t qualify for subsidized housing, but they’re still in need of a hand-up to purchase a house. 

GAP housing comes from the city of Mississauga’s housing strategy: Making Room for the Middle. Habitat HM is introducing this option as a way to facilitate the city’s vision where middle-income households are able to move into homes that meet both their budget and lifestyle needs.

Essentially, it’s filling the “gap” that currently exists within the homeownership market.

We acknowledge that there are several barriers that make it challenging for buyers to enter the housing market and that we have traditionally focused on helping those within the low-income market (making less than $60,000 in household income annually). 

As Habitat HM continues to expand, we’re always looking for ways that we can help more people. GAP housing is our solution to overcoming the aforementioned obstacles of homeownership and our way of expanding the scope of our support to the moderate-income market. 

We’re all human and we believe that every human deserves a decent place to live and the opportunity for a better future.

GAP housing is specific to the households with a maximum $120,000 yearly income and can qualify for a minimum $400,000 mortgage, with a 5% down payment.


The second mortgage will have no payments while the owners are living within the home and will not be charged interest when the homeowner sells.  The homeowner’s ability to qualify for this mortgage depends on their personal financial condition, including income, current debts and credit score.

The condominium unit at 2520 Eglinton Avenue West is our very first GAP home!  With the average price of a home in Mississauga of $672,000 year-to-date, this condo in the heart of Mississauga is the perfect pilot home for the GAP housing launch.